Titel War Child: helping vulnerable girls and young women in Kinshasa DRC
Lokatie Kinshasa
Datum donderdag, 25 april 2013
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War Child: helping vulnerable girls and young women in Kinshasa DRC

Foto's in de buurt

  • Kinshasa
  • Streets of Kinshasa
  • Kinshasa
  • Kinshasa from the 16th floor
  • One of the many, many pharmacies: I counted 5 on this relatively short street
  • A woman washes cassava in rural DRC
  • Discussing malnutrition in the shade of a mango tree
  • Community fish-farming ponds in the rural town of Masi Manimba, DRC
  • A boy is checked for signs of malnutrition in the local hospital, Masi Manimba, DRC
  • Growing as a community in rural DR Congo
  • Growing food for 35 families - with only two watering cans
  • The volunteer trainers helping to tackle malnutrition in DR Congo
  • Celebrating the power of women and peanuts in tackling malnutrition
  • View from the rural town of Masi Manimba, DRC
  • Decreasing rates of malnutrition in DR Congo
  • Turning peanuts into milk to tackle malnutrition
  • Volunteering to help her community tackle malnutrition
  • Training families to help themselves
  • Surveying the health of the population in the territory of Masi Manimba, DRC
  • A chicken and egg story: tackling malnutrition in DRC
  • Demonstrating healthy eating with local produce

Meer van Congo

  • Hills above Goma
  • One in Congo, one in Rwanda
  • Mining in Kailo
  • Notre Dame de Basoko
  • Mining in Kailo
  • Emergency shelter for women & kids
  • Morning in Mugunga camp
  • Davos panning in Kailo
  • Displaced kids Shasha
  • Young and old fleeing kibati
  • Helping with the cooking
  • Assisting displaced in Muganga
  • Bujumbura
  • Will they be in school monday?